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“If knowledge is power, then research is empowerment. Enabling that empowerment is the mission of Tanzanite University. The concept of this University is special. It is first and foremost a response to huge demand, right across Africa, for opportunities to realize research potential; to up-skill in research capability. Through capability comes capacity. Tanzanite University is thus poised to contribute in a major way to capability across the continent, and to the knowledge economies of Africa.

Organizations are a forgotten entity in macro-development equations, even though they do much of the work in reducing poverty, protecting the environment, resolving conflict, enabling inclusion, and fostering decent work. Tanzanite University has a focus on organizations, for- and not-for-profit; commercial and civil society. It offers a fresh perspective on major global, regional and local issues of our day. Research has a role to play in managing these issues. Tanzanite University is in the zeitgeist of professional social responsibility.

Through a blend of online, distance and contact course learning, postgraduates at Tanzanite University will enjoy a unique and empowering experience of research at its very best: Socially innovative; responsive; accessible; applicable; and above all, aligned with African aspirations, for Africa, in Africa, and by Africa.”

Professor Stuart Carr, Massey University NewZealand.

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Tanzanite University