Tanzanite University (TU) Campus

The TANZANITE UNIVERSITY through its college the Tanzanite Graduate College of Business (tgcb) is the only University and College of its kind in Tanzania and one of a handful in the SADAC region that prioritizes and focuses on Research Higher Degrees (RHDs) training programs exclusively.

Staff\advisors and consultants of the TU and its college the TGCB are drawn from Prestigious Universities in Africa and from around the world bringing years of World class supervisory and mentoring skills to enrolled students. It follows therefore that students who enroll at the TU are guaranteed the very best training opportunities and as made available in world class Universities.  TU’s accredited programs are thus comparable to the very best.

The TU aims to provide its students, considerable professional and personal benefits, and propel them to go much further in their chosen careers.

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Tanzanite University